2017 Guggenheim Fellowship Winners Announced

The 2017 Guggenheim Fellowship winners have been announced.

Simon Guggenheim (1867-1941) worked in the family mining and smelting business and served as Senator of Colorado from 1907-1912. He established the John Simon Guggenheim Memorial Foundation in 1925.

On April 6, the John Simon Guggenheim Memorial Foundation announced its 2017 class of fellows. The 173 Guggenheim fellows were appointed on the basis of prior achievement and exceptional promise, and were chosen from a group of almost 3,000 applicants.

The Guggenheim Fellowships are unique for the great variety of backgrounds, fields of study, and accomplishments of the program. Forty-nine scholarly disciplines and artistic fields, 64 different academic institutions, 27 states and the District of Columbia, and three Canadian provinces are represented in this year’s class of fellows. Sixty-eight of the fellows have no academic affiliation or hold adjunct or part-time positions at universities.

The Dorothy Tapper Goldman Foundation is underwriting the Fellowship in Constitutional Studies.

This year’s fellows include astrophysicist Eric Agol; filmmaker and artist Signe Baumane; writer Deborah Rudacille; intellectual historian Margaret Cohen; composer Oscar Bettison; sculptor, photographer, and performance artist Lesley Dill; journalist and author Masha Gessen; linguist Brian Gick; law professor and author Heidi Kitrosser; cultural historian Cheryl Misak; and education scholar Natasha Warikoo.

“It’s exciting to name 173 new Guggenheim Fellows. These artists and writers, scholars, and scientists, represent the best of the best,” said foundation President Edward Hirsch. “Each year since 1925, the Guggenheim Foundation has bet everything on the individual, and we’re thrilled to continue to do so with this wonderfully talented and diverse group. It’s an honor to be able to support these individuals to do the work they were meant to do.”

Since its establishment in 1925, the Guggenheim Foundation has granted more than $350 million in fellowships to more than 18,000 individuals, among whom are Nobel laureates, Fields Medalists, Turing Award winners, poets laureate, members of the various national academies, winners of the Pulitzer Prize, and other important, internationally recognized honors. The Guggenheim Fellowship program remains a significant source of support for artists, scholars in the humanities and social sciences, and scientific researchers.

For a complete list of the 2017 Guggenheim Fellows, see the Guggenheim Foundation website.


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