Man Creates Free ‘Vending Machine’ for Homeless

Huzaifah Khaled has created "vending machines" to donate basic supplies to homeless people.

“Rough sleepers,” or those without any kind of shelter, will be a priority when it comes to dispensing vending machine cards. Photo: Shutterstock

A young man named Huzaifah Khaled, in Nottingham, England couldn’t help but be struck by the increase in homelessness he saw in his hometown. Looking into their daily lives, he saw how difficult it was for many of them to get food, clothing, and other basics. Shelters and charities had limited resources and even more limited hours.

Being the sort of person who tends towards problem solving, Khaled came up with an economical solution to some of these matters: a vending machine for basic supplies. Through his charity, Action Hunger, the machine will be stocked with water, fresh fruit, sandwiches, socks, toiletries, and books. (Because man cannot survive on bread alone.) It will be placed somewhere accessible all hours, and it will be free to those in need.

Action Hunger will work with the Friary, another homeless-aid organization, to provide those who need anything with key cards. Anyone holding a key card can take three items a day from the dispenser. The cards will be traceable to prevent abuse.

The Friary will be prioritizing “rough sleepers,” those homeless who don’t have cars, a couch to surf, or anywhere to store personal possessions.

“Not everyone who visits us is a rough sleeper,” said Sam Crawford, CEO of Friary. “Some are homeless in other ways, such as those in temporary accommodation.”

Khaled has been working on his vision for a year, and he first vending machine will be installed downtown in Nottingham this December. He hopes to expand nationwide with his idea, and has been reaching out to charitable organizations across the U.S. and Europe.

“My ultimate hope for Action Hunger is for our idea to take root in cities all over the world and for the homeless to have a lifeline to rely on while government policies work towards ending homelessness for once and for all,” Khaled said.

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