African Wildlife Foundation Donates Land to Help Rare Mountain Gorillas

On Wednesday, January 10, a wildlife conservation organization donated nearly thirty hectares of land to Rwanda’s largest national park to help the country grow their habitat for mountain gorillas. It seems a small donation, against the 16,000 hectares already invested in Volcanoes National Park, but the new territory is an established home to some of […]

Ben Affleck Teams Up With TOMS

More than likely, you’ve heard the names Ben Affleck and TOMS before. Affleck is a well-known actor, director and philanthropist who recently took the “Live Below the Line” challenge. TOMS is a shoe brand that donates a new pair of shoes to an impoverished child every time it sells a pair. Now the two are […]

African economic leaders will blaze their own trail for Africa’s future

Africa’s recent financial surge has caused a swift boom in African growth, to the point where it is currently the fastest growing area in the world. The exciting new opportunities are drawing considerable interest from venture capitalists all over the world, looking to take a bite out of the fresh new market. Philanthropists and charities […]