Cruzin’ For Life Raises Big Bucks for Cancer Charities

Cruzin’ For Life is a fundraising organization which was created in 2004 in Santa Maria, California. Its founder, Clifford Labastida, put his passion for cars to work in raising funds for organizations which fight cancer. Raising money with car shows, benefit dinners, and silent auctions, the fundraising organization donated $15,000 after their first event, to […]

Alaska Airlines Donates $100,000 to 10 Hawaii Youth-serving Nonprofits

“Hawaii has a special relationship with Alaska Airlines. During the Great Recession, the airline provided a U.S. West Coast connection and a much-needed boost to our economy,” said David Ige, the Governor of Hawaii. “Ten years later, it’s the number one carrier from that market, and its passengers contribute over $2 billion to the state’s […]

Tax Reform Proposals Could Cost Nonprofits

According to a new report commissioned by Independent Sector, the tax reforms being proposed by Republican lawmakers and the Trump administration could decrease charitable giving by up to $13.1 billion. The report, Tax Policy and Charitable Giving, estimates that current proposals to lower the top marginal tax rate and raise the standard deduction could reduce […]

If Giving Feels Good, Why Don’t We Do It More Often?

Around this time of year, many of us find ourselves being much more generous than usual. Not only do many people give gifts to friends and family around the holidays, in general, it seems that people are more likely to make donations or buy a homeless man coffee at the local coffee shop. Not only does […]

More Money, Less Spending

We keep hearing reports that the economy is recovering, more jobs are being created and the housing market is rebounding.  That is all great news.  So, why are so few people spending money and donating to charities? It may come down to cautiousness.  After a long recession, people are less likely to run out and […]

Giving 2.0 Lets You Take Stanford Graduate Class for Free

A new initiative called Giving 2.0 is based on the teachings of Laura Arrillaga-Adreessen, a philanthropy scholar and practitioner in Silicon Valley.  Andreessen teaches philanthropy at Stanford University, and has hopes that all college students will learn how to give strategically instead of sympathetically in order to make a bigger impact.  The new initiative, named […]