Johnny Depp Surprises Audience at Charity Concert

The charity Mending Kids is an organization that provides surgeries for needy kids around the world. These surgeries have corrected everything from congenital heart defects to cranial facial deformities. In nine years they’ve performed operations on 2,200 kids, and recently they held a benefit concert with a few surprising guests. After a number of musical […]

The (Charitable) Show Must Go On

One thing you cannot accuse Mariah Carey of is shirking from work.  In 2001 she was hospitalized out of sheer exhaustion, and although she has learned how to scale that workaholic tendency back long enough to have twins, it did not keep her from singing in a sling at a benefit concert this month. Mariah […]

Gucci Funds Huge Celebrity Concert to Help Women

Chime For Change, founded by Gucci

Luxury fashion brand Gucci has founded a charitable effort called Chime for Change, bring together some of the biggest celebrities and activists worldwide to draw attention to the disadvantages women and girls face globally.  The project is organizing a major concert event called “Sound of Change Live” in London this weekend that will be broadcast […]