New Startup Aims to Empower Donors With Information, Community

We all know about Charity Navigator and GuideStar, and how they are used by savvy donors and advisors to help provide direction for effective giving. But now there’s a new game in town. Giving Compass wants to be the go-to destination for the world of philanthropy. In spite of the fact that Americans are donating […]

Charity Navigator Gives St. Vincent de Paul Chicago Highest Rating

Recently, Charity Navigator, which is the nation’s largest independent evaluator of nonprofits, gave St. Vincent de Paul Chicago a four star rating, the best they can give. That rating can only be claimed by about one quarter of the nonprofits rated by the organization, and is predicated on a complex matrix of qualifications. Charity Navigator […]

Urban Ministries Charity CEO Praised for Taking a Low Salary

The head of Urban Ministries of Durham was recently praised from a national, independent charity evaluator, Charity Navigator, for managing a highly rated charity but taking a smaller than expected paycheck. With revenue of almost $2.7 million, Urban Ministries’ Executive Director Sheldon Mitchell receives a salary of $85,000. This ranks the organization fourth in Charity’s […]

Study Ranks Quality of Charity Markets Across Country

A lot of factors go into charity work, and a lot of factors go into evaluating charities. A recent study of the 30 largest charity markets–that is, the cities that have the largest philanthropic effect–has some interesting information to share. The 30 markets, which were reviewed by charity watchdog Charity Navigator, account for 65% of […]

How to Help the Nepal Relief Effort

Nepal was hit by a series of earthquakes in April and May of this year, and there are many people there, especially in Kathmandu, that need help. A 7.9 magnitude quake hit in late April, killing around 8,000 people and injuring thousands more. Another quake hit on May 11, killing at least 29 people and injuring […]

How to Vet Your Charity of Choice

A recent article in The Wall Street Journal suggests we should vet our charitable giving as much, if not more, than we do our investments in stocks or mutual funds. This is particularly true of situations such as the Nepal earthquake. According to Charity Navigator vice president Sandra Miniutti, traffic to the site tripled to […]

5 Tips to Avoid Holiday Charity Scams

The winter holidays are a great time for charitable giving. Unfortunately, in addition to the many worthwhile causes out there around this time of year, there are also plenty of scam artists looking to use your charitable instincts as a way to get your personal information—and your money. Here are some important things to keep […]

How to Choose a Charity

Charitable donations can include either time or money--you don't have to be rich!

I would be hard-pressed to find somebody who didn’t want to help out and give back.  However,  picking just one charity to volunteer with or donate to can be a challenge.  There are so many different deserving organizations.  The list can feel overwhelming.  It’s almost enough to make a person want to give up.  But […]

Watch Out For Charity Scams Following Boston Bombings

Two bombs went off near the finish line of the Boston Marathon.

In lieu of the bombing of the Boston Marathon on Monday, many Americans are looking to help in any way they can. As is the American tradition, we are coming together in a time of tragedy to help one another. Unfortunately, not everyone who says they want to help is telling the truth. In the […]