8-Year-Old Boy Gathers Christmas Presents for Puerto Rican Children

Jayden Perez is eight years old, a third-grader in New Jersey who has Puerto Rican branches on both sides of his family tree. Just after Thanksgiving, when Christmas is on everyone’s mind, he came to his mother with a wish to give to those in need in Puerto Rico in the aftermath of Hurricane Maria. […]

Facebook Launches New Fundraising Tool

Facebook is piloting a new iteration of its charity donation button and continues to make its platforms more useful for non-profit organizations as it launches a new fundraising tool called Fundraisers. The Silicon-Valley based company explained that with this tool, non-profit organizations could create a fundraising page, tell their campaign story, gather supporters, collect donations, […]

Facebook Teams Up With Charter Group on Software

Free and low cost programs in schools are a great way for kids to explore new interests, get extra support, and supplement what is being taught during the school day. While we all know that Facebook helped transform communication with its awesome online social network, the company now wants to make a similar impact on […]

Half the Sky Movement Empowers Women with Facebook Game

Social media

  Social media is one of the most powerful tools that charitable causes can use to ignite a base of young people eager to be inspired and take action.  Today, mothers and children are bonding over a new breed of games on Facebook that raise awareness about poverty and women’s rights issues all over the […]

Likes Don’t Save Lives

It’s easy to feel like an activist with social media constantly at our twitching fingertips. We wait for a cause, a status, a picture, a meme, or a video that catches our attention—and then we “like” it, comment on it, or maybe even share it. Do those simple actions directly save lives? Of course not. […]