Fundraiser for Bronx Apartment Fire Victims Is Growing Slowly but Steadily

  The Bronx apartment fire on December 28, 2017, that killed twelve people was the deadliest fire since 1990, more than twenty-five years ago. The five-story blaze took 170 firemen all night to douse, according to authorities. One of the deceased was less than a year old. The fire was started by a 3-year-old playing […]

Founders of Nonprofit Charged With 15 Felony Counts

David Daleiden and Sandra Merritt of the Center for Medical Progress, have been charged with 15 felony counts in California for falsifying their identities and using a fake bioresearch company to covertly record videos of themselves trying to obtain fetal tissue from Planned Parenthood. The Center for Medical Progress is a nonprofit organization that describes […]

What Makes Altruism Go Viral?

Viral altruism refers to a “new breed of wildly successful online charity campaigns,” best personified by the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge of 2014. That campaign raised $115 million, but when attempted the next year brought in less than 1 percent of that total. The ephemeral nature of viral anything, which catches on like wildfire and […]

Can Patreon Serve as a Nonprofit Fundraising Tool?

The Internet has changed the way we do a lot of things, and there are many platforms available for crowdsourcing—that is, raising money through small payments or donations by a large number of people. These have been particularly useful not only to artists, who they are often created to serve, but also to nonprofit organizations. […]

How You Can Stand with Standing Rock

By now, most people have heard of the Dakota Access Pipeline and the protesters that are working hard to prevent it from happening. These protestors have been radicalized or ignored by mainstream media, but in and of themselves they are an impressive group of people. The protesters are based at the Oceti Sakowin Camp. This […]

How Does Piecemeal Minimum Wage Legislation Affect Nonprofits?

Cook County, Illinois, is raising its minimum wage, though not at the rate that Chicago did, meaning that the greater Chicago metro area now has three different minimum wages. That’s confusing, certainly and it can cause difficulties for people living and running businesses in those areas. But it’s also indicative of a much larger problem: […]

‘Big Philanthropy’ Has an Equality Problem

One of the biggest obstacles to foundation grantmaking is the fact that most foundations’ demographics don’t match those of the people and organizations receiving their grants. In a recent article in The Guardian, Courtney Martin writes that philanthropic organizations like foundations seem to have a double standard when it comes to the donations they make. […]

Professional Fundraisers in Massachusetts Took Smaller Cuts in 2014

Professional fundraisers are seen by many as a necessary evil of the nonprofit world. These are people who are hired (by charities and other nonprofits) to help them raise money and often come from professional solicitation firms. Now, the upside for charities is that they can dedicate more of their time to their actual mission, […]

Facebook Launches New Fundraising Tool

Facebook is piloting a new iteration of its charity donation button and continues to make its platforms more useful for non-profit organizations as it launches a new fundraising tool called Fundraisers. The Silicon-Valley based company explained that with this tool, non-profit organizations could create a fundraising page, tell their campaign story, gather supporters, collect donations, […]

Helping Charities vs. For-Profit Fundraising Firms

Have you ever received a phone call from a charity seeking a donation? If so, there’s a good chance that the person calling you was a professional telemarketer working for a company contracted by that charity. Often, charities will work with fundraising firms in order to try and reach out to more people more quickly, […]