Man Creates Free ‘Vending Machine’ for Homeless

A young man named Huzaifah Khaled, in Nottingham, England couldn’t help but be struck by the increase in homelessness he saw in his hometown. Looking into their daily lives, he saw how difficult it was for many of them to get food, clothing, and other basics. Shelters and charities had limited resources and even more […]

Bezos Crowdsources His Next Philanthropic Effort

On June 15, Amazon founder Jeff Bezos wrote a tweet nobody expected. It was an image with the text “This tweet is a request fro ideas. I’m thinking about a philanthropy strategy that is the opposite of how I mostly spend my time—working on the long term. For philanthropy, I find I’m drawn to the […]

Nonprofit Profile: Union Gospel Mission

The Union Gospel Mission is a religious organization that works to serve the homeless in the greater Seattle area. Their mission is to “serve, rescue and transform those in greatest need through the grace of Jesus Christ.” They do this by following a list of core values: Bold and courageous Diverse brilliance Passionate urgency Strategic […]

How to Help Homeless Youth

With both hurricane season in the southeast and winter approaching the north, people have been taking this time to stock up on supplies. Everyone’s grabbing extra batteries and cans of soup. Many forget that this is an especially tough time of your for those without a roof over their head. This is especially true for […]

Urban Ministries Charity CEO Praised for Taking a Low Salary

The head of Urban Ministries of Durham was recently praised from a national, independent charity evaluator, Charity Navigator, for managing a highly rated charity but taking a smaller than expected paycheck. With revenue of almost $2.7 million, Urban Ministries’ Executive Director Sheldon Mitchell receives a salary of $85,000. This ranks the organization fourth in Charity’s […]

L.A .to Declare “State of Emergency” on Homelessness

If you’ve visited Los Angeles, you’ve probably noticed that the streets are filled with homeless people. The homeless population has increased 12% since 2013. Mayor Eric Garcetti, who took office in 2014, stated last month that his administration was constructing a plan to address this increase. The city will free up $13 million in the […]

Irish Homeless Charities in Row with Labor TD

Two Irish charities focused on homelessness have come under fire by a representative of the Labour party for not doing enough to combat homelessness. The charities have responded that they aren’t surprised that the TD (an Irish member of the lower house of parliament) would choose to attack them instead of attacking the problem of […]

Detroit Author Opens “Water Ice” Shop to Support Charity

Mitch Albom is an author and columnist for the Detroit Free Press, and he is pretty well known and widely read in and around the Motor City. He’s also known for his charitable work. In 2006, he founded Super All Year Detroit, better known as S.A.Y. Detroit. The name refers to Detroit’s hosting of the […]

Millions Raised at the Annual Robin Hood Foundation Gala

Earlier this month, hedge fund managers, philanthropists, entertainers, and some of the most powerful people in business came out for the Robin Hood Foundation’s Annual Benefit Gala. According to CNBC, “With a who’s who of bankers and hedge fund titans in attendance, the Robin Hood Foundation’s annual gala raised more than $60 million, cementing its […]

Seahawks Win Will Help to Feed the Homeless

Last Sunday marked a win for the Seattle Seahawks in their championship game against the San Francisco 49ers, but there was a surprising group that benefited from that win as well:  Seattle meal programs. This is because the last few San Francisco mayors have made a tradition of trash talking with a purpose when it […]