New Microsoft Branch Supports Non-Profits

Microsoft recently launched a new branch called Microsoft Philanthropies, which has vowed to donate technology to 70,000 organizations around the world in the next three years. Their stated goal is to help non-profits, NGOs, and university researchers gain access to cloud-computing and other technologies that businesses use for low cost data storage. This could be […]

Kids Give Back, Too

We Day was celebrated by over 150,000 kids at Seattle's Key Arena.

They might not be old enough to have a job, but there are a lot of kids who want to “give back.”  Are they old enough to have anything worth giving?  They would tell you they do.  They give their time and love. In a heartwarming story, a nine-year-old Australian boy named Mac Miller started […]

Corporate Social Responsibility: Top Ten Companies

Some companies are nicer than others, and that’s a fact. When it comes to being socially responsible, the vast majority of corporations claim to be committed to bettering the world, but the truth is that not all of them are.   The Reputation Institute recently ranked the top 100 most reputable companies with a global […]