The Magic Yarn Project Crochets Wigs for Children With Cancer

Holly Christensen had the original idea—to crochet a yarn wig for her friend’s little daughter as she went through chemotherapy. A part-time nurse with a background in oncology, Christensen knew that chemo could make kids’ scalps too sensitive for regular wigs. She wanted to make something fun and cozy for the three-year-old girl, so she […]

Remembering the Grassroots of the Nonprofit Sector

We’ve heard it over and over again, that real change comes from the grassroots. While national nonprofits can get a lot done, they absolutely require that the “little people” be giving them money. And that’s just on the most superficial level. All problems faced by nonprofits are, essentially, local problems. They affect real people in […]

Volunteering: A Great Way to Fulfill Your New Year’s Resolutions

Now is the time when everyone is thinking about what they’re going to resolve to do next year. Maybe you want to make more friends. Perhaps you’re looking to get healthier and happier, advance your career, or even have more fun. Did you know volunteering can do all of those things? Let’s take a quick […]

Sad About Trump? Donate or Volunteer but Get Out There

For many Americans, the 2016 presidential election was perhaps one of the darkest days in recent memory. Even the most die-hard Donald Trump fans, though, would admit that this has been the most contentious, divisive election cycle in decades. Judging from the nation’s shocked reaction and the numerous post-election protests happening, there is a lot […]

How to Help Homeless Youth

With both hurricane season in the southeast and winter approaching the north, people have been taking this time to stock up on supplies. Everyone’s grabbing extra batteries and cans of soup. Many forget that this is an especially tough time of your for those without a roof over their head. This is especially true for […]

You Can Help Support the Arts In Your Community

In theory, people don’t usually question the value of art and exposure to the arts. This is especially true for children and toddlers. Yet, as public schools receive less and less funding arts and music are usually the first to get cut. When looking at what’s required to pass a standardized test, art appears superfluous. […]

Non-Cash Donations Are Also Crucial to Nonprofits

The most common donation charities ask for is money, but a lot of people don’t have extra cash to spare. This doesn’t mean that you can’t support a cause or organization that is important to you. There are plenty of other ways that you can donate to your favorite nonprofit. First, you can offer up […]

Disney Star Gabe Eggerling Committed To Giving Back

Whether in acting, modeling, music, or sports, the world is full of children in the pursuit of stardom. Among those few children who actually make it, people often make the assumption that stardom will negatively affect a child’s emotional growth and development. Growing out of child stardom seems like a hard task. Using Disney channel […]

Free Site Helps Connect Volunteers and Non-Profits

Many people want to help out their communities and those less fortunate than themselves. They can make donations, but some people have more time than money or don’t feel like giving money is enough. Maybe they need to be more hands-on with their giving. For those people, volunteering can be really rewarding. It can also be […]

Teaching Your Children to Give Back

With the holidays just around the corner, many of us have gift-giving and family time on the mind. That also is followed usually with overeating and over-shopping. However, there is a positive side to the season that doesn’t involve overindulging:  It’s an opportunity to give back to the community and start teaching the children in […]