Fundraiser Events for Your Cause

Believe it or not, the holiday season is coming, which means it is the time of charitable giving.  If you are looking to raise money for a cause, there are a lot of ways you can get people’s attention and ask for donations.  It can also be fun to sell items or promote events.  Here are some creative ideas to get you started on fundraiser events for the holidays.

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Try these events to raise money for your cause.
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Host a panel discussion.  Discussion and awareness is always a great way to rally people behind your cause.  A panel discussion is a fundraiser event where a group of experts come together and answer questions from the host on a particular topic.  If you support a local children’s charity, for example, you can collect community experts, such as school administrators, counselors, and community planners to discuss the state of children’s health and education in your city.  Make colorful flyers to promote the event and look for community partners like local radio stations or restaurants to help you promote it.

Throw a concert or a talent show.  Every town has great musicians.  Ask them to help your cause with their talents and put on a great show. If you can’t educate, you can always entertain!  Outdoor parks and city governments are usually great avenues to help find a venue for your event.

Organize a craft and gift fair.  Local businesses and thrift shops can benefit from getting together and selling holiday gifts.  You can secure the venue and ask local businesses to set up a booth and donate 10% of the sales to the fundraiser.  You can also ask patrons of the fair to make additional donations.

Create a scavenger hunt.  A great citywide scavenger hunt with prizes and entry fees is a fun way to raise money.  Hide special items at local landmarks and watch the amazing race get started.  Entrants will receive a list of clues and a raffle ticket for each item found.

No matter what you choose to do, remember the best way to get people behind your cause is persistence and promotion.  You have to keep talking about it, keep sharing it, and enlist your friends to spread the word.


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