Charity Spotlight: St. Mary’s Food Bank

Mary’s Food Bank was founded in 1967 by John van Hengel after he worked serving meals at St. Vincent DePaul. A mother told him that soup kitchens and dumpsters were the only way she could feed her children. He came up with this concept that those with extra food could “deposit” it, so that those […]

Donation Drive Rakes In 21,000 Pounds of Goods

Each year the University of Virginia’s Office of Sustainability holds what they call Chuck It For Charity. The event gives students the opportunity to donate unwanted goods they might otherwise throw away, which are collected and sorted. Partnered local charities are then given the opportunity to come by and select whatever goods from the collection […]

Yet More Evidence that Trump Lies About Donations

Usually when people commit charity fraud, they at least try to cover it up somehow. Donald Trump, however, either doesn’t know how or doesn’t care. Fraud may be too strong of a word for it, or at least too technical. Over the years, Trump has claimed again and again that he’s given millions to charities. […]