Lucille Packard Foundation for Children’s Health launches major initiative

The Lucille Packard Foundation for Children’s Health (LPFCH) is doing more than simply trying to work within the California health care system- they’re also working to make it better.  The foundation recently awarded nine grants to the tune of $1.4 million to various agencies that are researching ways to improve the health care system in […]

New York Philharmonic is doing age diversity right

If you’re looking for a group that’s doing age diversity right you need look no farther than the New York Philharmonic, which has recently listed the full list of recipients to the Marie-Josée Kravis Prize for New Music, and thanks to nonagenarian composer Henri Dutilleux the mix is impressive.   See, although Dutilleux was awarded […]

More companies coming together for those most in need.

The under-served in America have a new helping hand… Or sixty-one new hands, rather. 61 new corporations signed on to Philanthropy’s Promise, a coalition of charitable donors hoping to help those most in need. In addition to those affected by race based crimes, the impoverished, and other historically oppressed groups, The LBGTQ community serves to […]

United Way gives more money to less causes

No one can really blame America for lower philanthropic donations since the recession in 2007. Businesses that no one expected to fail suddenly found themselves bankrupt, and it was an unsteady time both for businesses and individuals. Unfortunately, this chain of events has led to some charities having to make some hard choices on how […]

Charitable Venture Capitalism?

Small businesses around the country are suffering due to America’s national economy. Traditional venture capitalists are becoming more and more hesitant to invest in startups that don’t have immediate and short term payouts, due to the likelihood of the company going under before any fruit comes to bear on the investment. The U.S. Treasury Department […]

Charity presses for mandatory microchipping of all dogs in the United Kingdom

The Guide Dogs for the Blind Association has been assisting the vision impaired with attaining a bit of normalcy in their lives for years by introducing service animals into their lives. These animals help the blind be wary of unseen dangers, as well as navigating their homes. The lives of the blind have been dramatically […]