The Most Generous American Companies

Each year, it seems like you hear about more and more companies that are giving back to communities, charities, and international philanthropic causes. Large companies and corporations can often afford to give more, granted that they bring in more revenue than small companies. However, looking at the numbers as a percentage rather than raw dollars […]

‘Shwopping’ At Marks & Spencer

Marks and Spencer, the largest clothing retailer in the UK, has been named the Responsible Retailer of the Year. Why? They’ve started a ‘shwopping’ revolution. Every year, one in four clothing items sold in the UK gets sent to a landfill. That’s $1 billion items every year, with 20% of Britons saying they’ve thrown out […]

Nudie Calendar, Anyone?

These days, if you want to raise money for charity, it seems the way to go is by making a nude—or nearly nude—calendar and donating the proceeds. At least that’s what Laura Brown of Barenaked Caving Calendar has done. It’s also why two-dozen British women have created the calendar “Game Birds.”   Barenaked Caving was […]

How Charity Boards Work

Charity boards are at the heart of every nonprofit, charitable organization. They are in charge of the resources, and have the main hand of power in deciding what direction the charity will take and how it will be run. Prominent members of the community often run these boards because they are both authoritative and knowledgeable, […]

Lance Armstrong Leaves Livestrong

On Wednesday, October 17th, Lance Armstrong announced that he would be stepping down as chairman of Livestrong. After being diagnosed with advanced testicular cancer in 1996 at the age of 25, he founded Lance Armstrong Foundation (LAF) and began his struggle to beat the cancer.   It is out of the LAF that Livestrong grew. […]

How To Fund A Non-Profit

There are “not-for-profit” organizations everywhere these days, it seems. But how do these programs fund themselves and continue to successfully function day after day? There’s a set platform for where money comes from that non-profits rely on to pay for fundraisers and endeavors. Here are some of the main sources and some examples for each: […]

Vets For Hire

Vets returning home from war face some incredible difficulties: injuries, mental health issues, and settling back into civilian life. After tours abroad in the most recent warzone—Afghanistan—vets are used to a different pace than being a normal citizen requires. Many are returning home without feeling confident that they will be able to find work to […]