Robin Hood Gala 25th Anniversary Gala

Jessica Biel

The Robin Hood Foundation, New York’s largest anti-poverty charity, has the support of over 200,000 New Yorkers. Next month, the group is celebrating its 25th anniversary with a gala that’s bringing in some major stars. Performers for the gala will include Elton John, Bono and Mary J. Blige. The event, organized by a team of […]

Amidst Charity Scams, Donor Advised Funds May Be Best for Big Givers

Initial donation amounts vary, with the minimum generally falling above $5,000.

News of charity scams has been more prevalent than usual with several recent national tragedies on our minds: Superstorm Sandy, the Newtown shooting, the Boston Marathon bombings, and the explosion at Texas’ West Fertilizer Company. It is touching to see so many Americans wanting to help, wanting to donate money for medical expenses or emergency […]

Watch Out For Charity Scams Following Boston Bombings

Two bombs went off near the finish line of the Boston Marathon.

In lieu of the bombing of the Boston Marathon on Monday, many Americans are looking to help in any way they can. As is the American tradition, we are coming together in a time of tragedy to help one another. Unfortunately, not everyone who says they want to help is telling the truth. In the […]

Smile Train Partners Up With NY Islanders

Smile Train is an international nonprofit organization that seeks to ensure that all children “born with a cleft anywhere in the world has the opportunity to live a full, productive life.” In developing countries, there are over a million children with unrepaired clefts—which can seriously impair their ability to speak or eat, and can mean […]

Charge for Charity

A new credit card is on the market, and it’s making ripples in the credit card and charity communities. It’s called the HaloCard, and it combines two seemingly opposite things—making a profit and participating in philanthropy. The HaloCard is a new startup, and it will allow users to donate 1% of their purchases to any […]