L.A .to Declare “State of Emergency” on Homelessness

If you’ve visited Los Angeles, you’ve probably noticed that the streets are filled with homeless people. The homeless population has increased 12% since 2013. Mayor Eric Garcetti, who took office in 2014, stated last month that his administration was constructing a plan to address this increase. The city will free up $13 million in the […]

The Internet Changed Philanthropy

Say goodbye to the days when charities and organizations needed to rely on paper pleas for donations. There’s no doubt that the web and social media are quickly revolutionizing charity, transforming the way we support great causes in the world. Non-profits have turned to social media to raise awareness, encouraging fun, viral philanthropy through crowd […]

Fun and Unique Ways to Give Back to the Community

Giving back to the community usually involves thoughts of donating tons of money to local charities. The act of giving back is timeless, but it’s multi-dimensional and no longer means writing a check. Money is just one of the ways we can offer our heart or help to other people, animals, and causes in the […]

Facebook Teams Up With Charter Group on Software

Free and low cost programs in schools are a great way for kids to explore new interests, get extra support, and supplement what is being taught during the school day. While we all know that Facebook helped transform communication with its awesome online social network, the company now wants to make a similar impact on […]

Disney Star Gabe Eggerling Committed To Giving Back

Whether in acting, modeling, music, or sports, the world is full of children in the pursuit of stardom. Among those few children who actually make it, people often make the assumption that stardom will negatively affect a child’s emotional growth and development. Growing out of child stardom seems like a hard task. Using Disney channel […]

Blind Painter Raises More Than $1 Million Through His Masterpieces

Painter Jeff Hanson is a young artist that uses his artistic talent to help raise money for local charities, and has managed to raise more than $1 million. A philanthropic artist from Overland Park, Kansas, Jeff is visually impaired from an optic nerve tumor (he nick-named it “Clod”) associated with a genetic condition called Neurofibromatosis. […]