BNP Individual Philanthropy Index Indicates Charitable Giving is Up

The 2015 BNP Paribas Individual Philanthropy Index report reveals that philanthropy is growing worldwide, increasing by five points on a 100-point scale in Europe, Asia, the Middle East, and the United States. This is the third edition of the index, and it shows that impact/mission investing is seen as the most promising trend in philanthropy, […]

Reddit to Donate 10% of 2014 Earnings to Charity

Back in Feburary 2014, Reddit announced it would be donating 10% of its 2014 ad revenue to charities chosen by Reddit users. That promise has now come to fruition: a blog post by Reddit product manager Ryan Merket says that users can vote now on which charities will receive the donations. Reddit earned nearly $8.3 […]

Charitable Recap for 2014 Positive; 2015 Forecast, Less So

According to a report from the Chronicle of Philanthropy on the top 50 American donors to nonprofits, donations in the philanthropic world of 2014 were positive and plentiful. The takeaways:   Donations from the top 50 philanthropists of 2014 were up 27.5% from donations in 2013, reaching $9.8 billion. Some donors credited the recovering economy […]

Celebrity Charity Under Scrutiny Due to Missing Funds

An article published in The Hollywood Reporter has rankled celebrity and philanthropist Eva Longoria. Longoria’s charity, Global Gift Galas, came under fire from THR in particular because of suspected misappropriation of funds committed by its co-runners, Longoria’s friends Maria Bravo and Alina Peralta. Longoria acts as host and honorary chair for a series of charitable […]